She's ready to get back what was once hers and nothing is going to stand her way.








Beth was once married to Travis Callaway and their marriage seemed solid in his eyes--that is until he found her in bed with Hart Steiner, a smart-mouthed lawyer who was one of his bitter rivals. Despite the fact that Beth had cheated on him, Travis remained married to Beth for quite some time. Eventually the two split, yet remained civil for the sake of their daughter Sam. Of course while Travis knew the truth about Sam's paternity (Hart is her father), he and Beth decided to remain quiet about it. All things seemed to be going well until both Beth and Travis found their way back to Coral Valley.

When Hart showed up in the E.R. one night and Beth was his doctor, she made it clear that she'd never truly forgotten the passion that they'd shared with one another. Vowing to make him hers again, Beth threw out all the stops to seduce him. When that didn't work, she dropped the bombshell on him that Sam was his daughter after Sam was injured in the airport bombing. Now that Hart knows the truth about Sam he wants to be a part of her life, but Beth only wants that under her terms--which includes having Hart back in her life and in her bed.

She's currently teaming up with Cameron Stone to find a way to break Hart and Jenna up for good, but in the process will something more come of this alliance?

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Was married to Travis Callaway, she tried to seduce Diego and is currently trying to win Hart back again.

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