Having been from one of the most elite families in town should have it's privileges, but for Blake the secrets and mysteries in her family's past threatens to ruin the future she has with Seth. Now that the demons of the past have been exposed, can Blake find a way to keep fighting for her future without losing it all?










Blake is the youngest of the Ashford Children. Having watched her mother die in an earthquake at an early age, Blake was exposed to death in more ways than she'd ever imagined. Growing up the only lady in the Ashford home, Blake lead a very protected life. However she was able to find freedom when she went away to college at UCLA. There Blake met her best friend Caitlin Vaughn. Their friendship sparked the beginning of a new page in her history along with it bringing Zack into her life. Having thrown herself at Zack repeatedly, Blake had hoped for romance with him. However her hopes were put to rest when he'd finally let her down in confessing he just wasn't interested.

Blake eventually finished with her psychology degree and returned home to Coral Valley around the time of her father's death. Having to endure another loss, Blake buried herself in the pampered life--that is until an earthquake hit down and rocked her world by bringing her to the arms of Seth Alexander. Despite their obvious differences, Blake was immediately attracted to Seth. Their romance took off full force until he informed her that his father had raped his sister Jade. In a state of disbelieve, Blake ran to Zack, who had come into town and the two had found romance with one another. After Zack's ex-girlfriend Johanna came to town announcing she was pregnant, Blake and Zack's relationship fizzled.

Blake has long since found her way back to Seth and the two are engaged to be wed, but with Jade disappearing and a face from Seth's past returning, that might not be as easy as they'd hoped it would be.









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Had a brief romance with both Zack Vaughn and is currently engaged to Seth Alexander.

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