This CEO of Beholder Cosmetics has just about everything, but it's never enough...especially when she sees something she wants more!






Bad to the bone Brooke has kept Richard as her husband in a loveless marriage while she plots and schemes to manipulate her children's lives to her favor. In her daughter's life, she's fought like hell to keep Avery and Russell apart--even going so far as to play a role in Avery's first miscarriage along with having set Avery up with serial killer Bruce Mathis. With Guy, her son, Brooke refuses to give him room to live his own life by laying guilt trips on him repeatedly. Brooke has only started spreading her evil around town and as she and her mysterious partner get closer to what they want, they vow to do whatever it takes to get Brant and Avery together. She's a lying, manipulating witch who has faked her own kidnapping and set her sights on destroying any chance of happiness her husband has with his one true love Judy. Can Brooke be stopped? It's only a matter of time it would seem, but then again can true evil ever end?





Coming soon!


Is Married to Richard Morrison, but has had a string of affairs leading to the current one with Hunt Lockhart.

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