An angel's heart to the end. She lived a life of great sacrifice and paid the ulitmate price.





Caitlin was a travel reporter before she came to Coral Valley. After spending years hiding from her abusive boyfriend she came to town in the hopes of starting over near her college roommate Blake Ashford. The two reunited and along the way Caitlin found romance with Blake's older brother Ken. However, Ken and Caitlin have had their share of ups and downs over the years especially when Caitlin's ex-flame Jimmy came to down and attacked her repeatedly, thus putting her in a coma. Still before Caitlin's attack, Ken and Caitlin faced the wrath of Ken's brother Brant who made it his mission to tear apart the two lovers. Still, Ken and Caitlin's love has endured and Ken wanted to make Caitlin his wife. Unfortunately when the airport bombing hit town Caitlin was injured and died shortly after thus putting her and Ken's dreams of happily ever after to an abrupt ending.

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Dated Jimmy and was engaged to Ken before she died.

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