Temptation is the name of the game for this sultry secretary. She's had her eye on a few guys in town for a while, but will her attempts at seduction pay off? Entice them she may, but will she ever find love?






Cathy's endless pursuit of Guy Morrison is her latest mission though she's unaware that he's gay. Her father Marc Ashley (who was once involved with Guy's current lover Gabe) would like to see his daughter find a way to separate Guy and Gabe so that he can have Gabe back, but will Cathy be able to tempt Guy into taking the bait or is something darker brewing behind the scenes?

Of course Guy isn't Cathy's only target now that she sees an opportunity to step in and cause some problems for long time rival Diane Stevens. Will Cathy use a secret from Diane's past to try to win Ben over to her side of things?

Coming soon!!


Cathy had a fling with a great many guys in town, thus giving her a 'gets around' reputation. She's had her fun with a great number of BBK employees, but now she's got her mind set on winning over Guy Morrison.

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