Secrets have threatened to tear her family apart for years, but now that mystery surrounds her, Cheryl could lose everything if she's not careful.





Having spent most of her life working at a vet clinic, she's been able to enjoy her love for animals by working for Dr. Adams. Though her works days aren't as frequent as they once were now that she's close to settling down after her husband Elliot has retired. Unfortunately life hasn't been slow for Cheryl or her family after the bombing took place in Coral Valley taking her youngest son Russell from this world and her oldest son Grady was put in jail for a crime he didn't commit. While Cheryl tries to be strong on some level she blames herself for the way things have gone. Worried that the sins of the past are still coming to haunt her, she struggles to hold herself together in the hopes that maybe just maybe things will somehow have a way of working themselves out one day.

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She's been happily married to Elliot for a great many years, although they've had their share of rough patches especially after a miscarriage Cheryl experienced while she was working for the Ashford family.

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