Fun seeker with good sense of humor. She's just come back to town ready to find herself a whole new world of trouble.







Being the police chief's little sister Cori always found herself on the less than busy end of the dating scene. She had to get away for a while in her attempt to proclaim her independence and grow up for a while before she came back to town. Now that she's back she's ready to let the world know that she's no longer a cute little girl, but an all grown up woman ready for adventures.

Cori thought she had it all with Diego until his interest tapered off to Heather Gibbons and Sarah Marx. Now that Diego broke things off with Cori, she's ready for revenge and is about to turn his world around in ways he never imagined.

Also she's found a new guy to take an interest in and this one might be worse than the last for all involved!

Coming soon!


Cori was dating Diego until he broke up with her. She currently has a crush on Rob Leveski.

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