Being the good girl has it's ups and downs. It's mostly been a downward spiral for this beauty. She's been burned by love, but she's ready to take the plunge again with Dean. Could it lead to happily ever after for this sexy doctor or will she crash and burn one last time?




Deidra is the oldest daughter of Judy Stevens. She has had a bad run of luck in the area of romance, but stays true to being a romantic. After she unknowingly shared a passionate encounter with serial killer Bruce Mathis, Deidra has been cautious about matters of the heart, but handsome Dean would like to break her of that unlucky streak by showing her the true meaning of romance.









Coming soon!


About to divorce Andy Byrne; ex-girlfriend to Ken Ashford; slept with Bruce Mathis under false pretenses; best friend Dave Warner has a crush on her and she's currently seeing Dr. Dean Carlisle.

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