She's not afraid to speak her mind or to fight for what she wants, but now that she has it, can she hold onto it?



Diane's never been one to back away from what she wants so it should come as no surprise to see how she attempted to win Ben over. Though reluctant, he fell for her charms and is head over heels in love with her. While Diane is close with her mother, she despises her sister Deidra. Seeing Deidra as competition, she refuses to let Deidra into her life. Jade is her best friend and Diane is currently enjoying life with Ben, but it trouble right around the corner?









Coming soon!


Diane has had a string of romances in her young life. She had a crush on Andy Byrne, a wild fling with J.T. in high school and something with Eric, a married man working with BBK. Currently she is deeply in love with Ben Walters.

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