Beautiful. Brazen. Heather won't stop until she gets it all and right now having everything is at the top of her list!












Heather grew up in a place where she aimed for the sky. Her dreams of becoming a Hollywood starlet and marrying a millionaire were not to be thwarted at any cost. Regardless of the personal sacrifice Heather had in her life, she put her all into her career--so much so that when one time fiance Brant found her in bed with a movie producer, he called it quits and never looked back. However, that didn't stop Heather from trying to win Brant back over. She and Russell Denton teamed up to keep Brant and Avery from consummating their relationship with one another. Unforunately for Heather, regardless of Brant's status with Avery, he just wasn't taking the bait when it came to taking her back.

That didn't stop Heather from chasing her dreams of a future in the Hollywood limelight when she seduced Kipp Mahoney in the hopes of becoming a star in one of his father's Hollywood productions. Their relationship was doomed from the start once Kipp's father stepped into the picture as he saw Heather as a gold digger and set out to prove that to Kipp, but in doing so Douglas helped bring about his son's downfall as it was presumed that Kipp shot himself upon learning Heather's love was an illusion. She's now an aspiring model/actress who is now ready to start running her own modeling agency to help out other actresses starting out..along with giving her a chance to make a fortune along the way.

Heather was married to Cameron and fought to keep Douglas from stealing away her child, but will just when Heather thought she was down and out, she was injured in an airport tragedy. She gave birth to her son Charles early and was burned badly. Eventually her long time friend and childhood crush Kyle Houston found Kipp, who was missing for quite some time. Kipp returned and Kipp asked Heather to marry him, until he realized she liked Diego and he saw she wasn't the one for him.

Kipp eventually fell into romance with Kellen. Heather has been trying to find something with Diego, but when a face from her past sparks her interest, will chemistry follow?












Coming soon!


Was married to Cameron Stone. Was also at one time engaged to Brant Ashford, had Kipp Mahoney's son Charles. She's also had a flirtation going on with Diego Hernandez, has an alliance with Chris Foley and there's someone else who is about to cross paths with her in what could possibly be the romance of all romances for Heather.

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