Mother knows best. At least that's what Helen is trying to convince Carly of now that Carly's brought Dave back into her life. The question is will Carly take what her mother is saying to heart?





Helen has always made a point to look out for her son and her daughter especially after her daughter Carly found herself in the middle of a romantic crisis. When Carly moved back in with her mother after having discovered she was pregnant, Helen helped Carly raise her daughter Kayla with no questions asked. Now that Carly has returned with Dave, Helen has to wonder just what is going on. She never felt that Dave was good enough for Carly before and now, well, now that Kayla is tossed into the mix, Helen is less than thrilled about Carly bringing Dave into Kayla's life.

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Helen's been divorced since Carly was six years old and has devoted her life to taking care of Carly, Carly's brother and Kayla.

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