Determined not to let her past get in the way of her future, this sassy, spitfire law clerk found a way to win over the man of her dreams, but just when love seemed to be bringing the pieces of her life together, an evil force plots to tear her world apart. Can Jade's romance survive the latest blow that fate has delivered her?









Jade's had a hard life having grown up without a father. Her mother died when she was very young, thus leaving her and Seth to take care of themselves. Years later when her father returned, Jade immediately took to his attention. However, in the process Dimitri used his daughter to pay off some of his gambling debts. Unfortunately in one of those instances at the age of fourteen Jade was gang raped by a group of men--one of those being Nicholas Ashford. Having learned not to trust after that, Jade closed herself off from the world until she met Grady.

Bound and determined to win Grady over, this law clerk did everything in her power to capture Grady's heart. Ultimately she was victorious in her quest to win Grady over, but his long standing rivalry with his brother's wife caused a great many problems for their relationship. Currenly Grady and Jade are on the run with one another hoping that they can spare him from a fate Cameron has set up for him. However, once Grady is able to clear his name, will he and Jade truly begin to have that fairy tale life they've always dreamt about or will darker forces tear them apart forever?

Update: Grady's ex-wife Susan kidnapped Jade and locked her in an abandoned building that blew up. Everyone believes Jade is dead.




Coming soon!



Was Engaged to Grady Denton, stalked by Cameron Stone and once dated JT Mahoney.

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