Fiesty and independent Jenna's had no problems making it on her own even after life had a few twists and turns for her. Now that she's found love it seems like she's stepped into her own happily ever after. Life couldn't be any better, or could it?





Medical examiner Jenna Carpenter came onto the Coral Valley scene when her best friend Avery Morrison's ex-lover wound up in the morgue. In the midst of Jenna's attempts to get the truth about what had happened to Bruce Mathis, she crossed paths and butted heads with less than ethical lawyer Hart Steiner. These two had a bitter hatred for one another after Hart helped Patrick Sharpe press sexual harassment charges against Jenna after she rebuffed Patrick's advances towards her. Angry and agitated Jenna blamed Hart for the things that followed the trial, but when Jenna's world fell apart and she discovered that her mother had lied to her for years about her father, Jenna found herself turning to Hart for emotional support. The two became fast friends and shortly after lovers.

Today they are together as perhaps one of Coral Valley's most solid duos. Her mother Dorothy doesn't approve of Hart, nor does Hart's ex-lover Elizabeth Raines want to see the relationship thrive now that she's told Hart that Sam is his daughter, but even against the odds Jenna has found a way to make love last.

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Jenna was once engaged to Devante Johnson, harassed by Patrick Sharpe and is now living with Hart Steiner.

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