When Jewel's sister ends up in a situation over her head and her daughter Stacy leaves to get away from her, Jewel comes to town ready to shake things up in ways that no one ever expected.






Jewel grew up as Jewel Warner--sister of Dave Warner and while Dave decided to stay in Coral Valley growing up, Jewel realized at an early age she was ready to split town as soon as she could. Of course while she was in town, she had a lot of fun with a great many of the boys she grew up around. She went to college with Don Leveski and the two had a relationship with one another before he ended up marrying true love Stephanie. Jewel then went on to get married to Paul Flare, who is the father of her daughter Stacy. The two had a very turbulant relationship and are still marrried, but not faithful to one another. Now that Jewel is in town she's hoping to pick up where she left off as the sexy chef on tv who likes to keep things heated up in the bedroom.

Coming soon!


Was involved with Don Leveski and other men in CV, is married to Paul Flare, but still has a roaming eye.

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