There was a man who broke her heart--a man that to this day she wants to reunite with. Of course that's been completely out of the question...or has it? Find out what secrets Marie holds in store for someone in Coral Valley. It's sure to change his life forever!





Marie worked as a model in the boxing scene holding up signs to indicate which round was up. During that time she found herself attracted to a great many of the athletes in particular. One of those being Kevin Adonis. The two had a one night stand and Kevin soon ended things to reunite with Angela Meloni. However, years later Marie and Kevin met up again on the island again. He went out with her a few times more, but never took it too seriously. We can't say the same for Marie. She still has the hots for Kevin and hopes one day he will see she's the girl for him!

Coming soon!!


Had a fling with Kevin Adonis.

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