Sassy, spunky and always ready to find the latest gossip, yet when it comes to the romantic headlines in her life, Mindy's been in a bit of a slump. She's longed for the wrong man for so very long that she almost gave up on love...that is until a sexy stranger walked into her life. Now in her quest to give up on an old crush, will she find herself entering dangerous waters with the man who tries to win her heart?






Mindy has a great many goals for herself as her job as secretary at the Coral Courier to Russell Denton is only the start to her dreams of a career in journalism. The only daughter of Judge Paula Carmichael, Mindy grew up spending most of her time fending for herself, thus making her the fiesty, independent woman she is today. Mindy's heart was broken when she discovered that her high school sweetheart was gay. Having been unsuccessful in relationships after that one ended, Mindy finds herself a romantic at heart wishing that love would come her way. Lately she's had a bad run of luck, but now that she's thinking about giving Hunt a second try, will real love finally be in the cards for her or will Guy's mother Brooke find a way to ruin that as well?

Coming soon!


She and Guy Morrison were each other's first love. She still has a bit of a crush on him and also has the hots for Hunt Lockhart.

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