Working her way to the top hasn't been easy and now that she's there, she doesn't intend on going anywhere. This one time waitress has no intentions of looking back, but will the past have it's own way of taking her to a place she vowed never to return to.





Paula might be a very powerful, very influential judge in Coral Valley these days, but it wasn't all that long ago that she was a waitress working to support her daughter Mindy. Paula's role as a single mom guided her not only to do what was necessary to take care of her daughter, but to better herself and be a good example. Despite the odds that were stacked against her, Paula found a way to make it on her own and she encourages her daughter Mindy to do the same. However, when Mindy asks about her father, Paula refuses to give Mindy the answers she's looking for, but will a new arrival in town leave Paula no choice, but to tell her daughter the painful truth.

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Though Paula hasn't had a lot of time for romance lately with her career keeping her busy, she has been casually seeing veterinarian Mitch Adams although they don't keep up with one another as much as either one would like except for on social events that are work related.

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