Sexy. Smart. Independent. Ria's never been one for taking a backseat in life. Ria's found that the dream lover is a reality in her life, but as in all dreams will she wake up to find that life is anything but happily ever after?






Ria's all about being there for her friends, but Ria had a secret that no one knew about. She was seeing a mystery man who is bound and determined to shake up the lives of the various Coral Valley citizens forever! However in the middle of that romance, frustration overtook Ria and she was reunited with long time crush Kevin Adonis.

Kevin and Ria were immediately hot and heavy with one another and the two are currently engaged to one another. Their love runs hot and wild, but will a face from his past prove to be a thorn in their side? Find out!

Coming soon!


Was dating a mystery man, but is now engaged to Kevin Adonis.

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