The one time rebel is making a name for her own out in the world, but is that name the one she's ready for? Sam's mother has a secret and though life seems to be on track for Sam, this could be the one thing to turn her world upsidedown when the truth comes out!






Being a student at Coral Valley University majors in theater brings a great deal of drama to Sam's life, but none like the one she experiences with her family. Sam's been a rebel and spent most of her youth hating her father for abandoning her and her mother when he divorced her mother. Sam got into a whole world of trouble until she met Wayne. Then life changed for her as she and Wayne began a storybook romance with one another. However now that Sam's mother knows about their relationship, could it cause a wedge between them? Also Sam may have even more on her plate to deal with now that her mother has revealed that Hart Steiner is her birth father. How long will it be until Sam discovers her mother's secret affair? Furthermore, how will that effect her romance with Wayne?









Coming soon!


Sam and Wayne Rhodes have been dating for quite some time, but this is a secret to their parents as Wayne feared his mother's responses on top of Sam's very racist mother's views.

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