Sarah has always had a constant in her life--Kyle. He's always been there for her, but when things get tough, will she do the same for him? Find out!








Sarah came to town with an agenda, but when she discovered that her sister Heather was in trouble, she put her own personal feelings aside and stepped up to take care of Heather's newborn son Charles when Heather was held up in the hospital recovering from the burns that were inflicted upon her during the airport bombing. Shortly before this Sarah got hired at the Coral Courier and was ready to begin her reporting career, but that has been temporarily put on hold. Together with her boyfriend Kyle, she has taken care of her nephew and stood up to those forces threatening to take Charles away from Heather.

Sarah's life was turned upsidedown when Susan Hastings drugged Kyle and raped him. Shortly after Susan's assault on Kyle, Susan announced that she was pregnant with Kyle's baby. This news however was shortlived when Susan was murdered by the hands of a hitman she hired. Since then Kyle and Sarah haven't been able to find the unity that they once had in their lives and when Sarah felt like she had no chance at reuniting with Kyle, she slept with Diego Hernandez, a man her sister Heather is interested in. Now that everything is said and done, will Sarah and Kyle find their way back to one another or will circumstances still keep them apart?






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Was dating Kyle Houston and slept with Diego Hernandez.