Strong. Blunt. Beautiful. Shannon's never had a problem coasting through life, but now that she's found herself caught up in a surprising twist of fate, will she have to challenge everything she believed in?






Shannon came to town ready to get to the bottom of the Mathis Murder case, but what she wound up with went beyond her wildest dreams. Not only did coming back to town mean that she'd have to face her ex-lover Brant Ashford and get up in his face, but it meant becoming one of the most hated women in town. Still Shannon had a job to do and she was going to do it until she was suspended by the FBI. In the midst of her suspension, she felt herself going on a downward spiral ready to fall off the wagon again and slip into her alcoholism. She fought it hard, but eventually found herself drinking again. This time however when she woke up the next morning with a hangover, she also found herself in bed with a sexy stranger. Things only intensified when she realized that not only was Don Leveski the man she'd taken to bed with her, but he was also her husband. Despite the fact that she was ready to put the marriage to an end Don is attempting to show Shannon just how much they were meant to be together. He believes in true love and hopes that he can prove that it's very real to her as well.

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Was dating Brant Ashford at one point in time. Dated Dr. Diego Hernandez briefly and is currently married to Don Leveski.

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