She's never satisfied with what she has. She wants it all and she won't stop until she gets that even if it means stepping on a few toes in the process to get it. How far will Susan go?






Susan was once married to Grady and the two up and coming law students turned legal partners had it all--or at least that's what Grady believed until he found out that Susan had cheated on him with Kenneth Ashford. Her affair had brought about the beginning of the end for her marriage, but Susan was far from done with Grady. She was hired in at Stone Corporation and worked out of an office in New York until recently when she returned to Coral Valley. Upon her return she made it her mission to find a way to win both Grady and Ken back again. Unfortunately plans haven't been working out for her like she would've liked, but she's not finished trying. Of course she's also found herself craving a taste of passion with Grady's long time pal Kyle Houston and she's not above trying to eliminate the competition (namely Kyle's girlfriend Sarah) to make that happen!

Coming soon!


Was once married to Grady. Had an affair with Ken and wants to get Kyle's interest. She's also been bed mates with Cameron a few times as well.

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