She's had a bad run of luck looking for love, but now she's found the man of her dreams...or has she? Could her Mr. Perfect reveal a side to her that shows her that maybe he's not at all who he claims to be? Find out!





Trisha is the younger sister of Ria. Unlike Ria, Trisha has prided herself on being a free spirit. She's currently finding herself and hoping to find love along the way. She had a crush on her sister's fiance Kevin Adonis, but when it was obvious Kevin was interested in Ria, Trisha reacted in anger and wound up coming face to face with serial killer Bruce Mathis. She survived the attack, but is now weary of the world around her.

Of course when a new guy walks into her life, will she find a way to trust again? Find out!

Coming soon!!


Had a crush on Kevin Adonis, was attacked by serial killer Bruce Mathis, flirted with Michael Winston.

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