A free-spirit with a heart of gold, Zoe has learned to break away from the Ashford family reputation in starting over on her own, but there is one regret of her life that she still carries with her to this day--giving up her son during a rough time in her life. Now that Zoe has had time to learn through life, she finds herself longing to reconnect with her son, but at what price will it come to her now that his father has his own plans for her place (or lack there of it) in his life?







Zoe has been quite successful in her professional life having started her own publishing empire in London, but what she's made up for in her career, she's found lacking in her personal life. In her youth she'd had an affair with an older man resulting in the birth of her son whom she gave away. Years later Zoe returns to town ready to reconnect with her family and forge a connection with the child she let go of as the truth of her exit from his life comes to light all over again erasing the lies that surrounded that time in her life.

Reconnected wtih her long lost son Kipp and is fighting with Douglas Mahoney over the lies of the past that still remain between them. Though she and Kipp have had a bittersweet reunion, she hopes that he will accept her and her son, Kipp's younger half brother Daniel as family.

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Had an affair with a movie producer Douglas Mahoney who is now residing in Coral Valley.

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